CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn: Sign Up & Get Free BitCoin worth ₹50

CoinSwitch Kuber Refer, CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn, Hello Guys, welcome to my new post, which is basically based on CoinSwitch Kuber. If you know about CoinSwitch Kuber and want to earn money from this then you are in right place. And if you are not aware of CoinSwitch Kuber then also this post will be going to help you to know about CoinSwitch Kuber and how to earn from this without doing anything hard work.

So Guys, Stay here for some time. Because here in this post I’m going to share more and more information about CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinSwitch App, CoinSwitch Referral code, CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn flat Rs.50. Through this CoinSwitch Kuber, you will Get Rs.50 on Sign Up and Get Rs.50 per Refer. This balance directly into your Bank Account by CoinSwitch refer and Earn program or system. You can withdraw this reference money from your Bank Account with only one Reference. So, if you are interested to know more about CoinSwitch Kuber then interestingly check these blogs.

CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn

CoinSwitch Kuber App Sign Up Get Rs.50 & Rs.50 Per Refer

CoinSwitch Kuber App is the most secure App in India. Where you can buy 100+ cryptocurrencies with INR at the highest rate. So, you can easily download this App and Sign Up, and starts earning. After once Signing Up for this App you can refer your code with your friends or close ones and get Rs.50 per reference without doing any hard work. Now I’m going to share how to download this App and how to sign up.

Step #1: You can go to your Google play store or App market and download the CoinSwitch Kuber App.

Step #2: Install this App and open it

Step #3: Enter your mobile number and tap on the process.

Step #4: Now you get an OTP on your registered mobile number, if you do not get OTP then resend OTP or Call OTP.

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Step #5: After verifying set four digits PIN.

Step #6: Done. Now you get Rs.50 bonus after completing all the processes.

Step #7: now go to the app setting and click on User verification.

Step #8: Now click on Basic Verification and fulfill all the requirements, like full name, date of birth, address, etc. And click on Verify.

Step #9: Now upload your PAN card and verify.

Step #10: Click on Identity Card Verification and upload your identity card which is optioned.

Step #11:  After completing KYC now you can enter your Bank Details.

Step #12: You have successfully done all the processes. Now go to CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn and click on it and share with your friends and family and get Rs.50 per reference.

Withdraw Money from CoinSwitch Kuber App in Indian Rupees

In the above, we know about how to earn money in CoinSwitch Kuber App. Now here I’m going to share information about how to withdraw money from CoinSwitch Kuber App in Indian Rupees. In CoinSwitch Kuber App there is minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.100.So after signing up for this app you need at least one reference. Here’s the process of withdrawing money from this app:

Step #1: At First, go to your CoinSwitch Kuber App and open it.

Step #2: Now click on Bitcoin.

Step #3: Click on Sell.

Step #4: Now enter your amount or click on 100% then click on Preview Sell.

Step #5: now click on Sell Now.

Step #6: After selling your amount is credited to your INR Wallet.

Step #7: After this click on Indian rupees.

Step #8: now click on Withdraw which is on the right side below.

Step #9: Now enter your amount, remember the minimum amount is 100.

Step #10: it’s done successfully. The balance will be credited to your Bank account within 5 minutes.

Final Words

That is it, guys. Hope this article will help you in knowing more and more about CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earning. I’m trying to mention all the needed information in short. If you have any doubt, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We’ll try our best to reach out soon as possible. If you like it then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Thank you. Keep visiting FVTC.iN for more valuable information

CoinSwitch Kuber Referral Code – 1xPC

CoinSwitch Kuber Refer and Earn

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