Jio Call Forwarding Active & Deactivate Code 2022

Jio call Forwarding Active & Deactive Code, Jio calls Forwarding: In the Present time, Jio is the most popular mobile network. Most of the people in this country are Jio users. So, in this article I’m going to discuss a very important topic i.e. Jio calls forwarding Active & Deactivate codes or USSD. Jio call forwarding basically means you can divert your phone calls to another number.

Jio call forwarding is available for various purposes. Jio users forwarded their call for various reasons. Like if they don’t want to their any important call missed by any network issue, mobile problem and sometimes users use this Jio call forwarding system because of not to disturb by any other numbers in an important situation. But sometimes it happened unknowingly. So every call forwarding is temporary or activated for some time. For which reason users forward their call after overcoming this reason we all need to deactivate our call forwarding.

So, here in this post, I’m going to share all the codes or USSD codes for active call forwarding or deactivating call forwarding. Just check this post and note down the active and deactivated codes. Before you enjoy this Jio call forwarding you need to know about Jio call forwarding.

Jio Call Forwarding Active

How to Activate Jio Call Forwarding on your Android Phone?

You can easily activate the Jio call forwarding system for your jio number on your Android Phone. Just follow the steps below:

Firstly, go to the Phone app on your mobile

Secondly, click on three dots on the right side top and click on settings

Thirdly, click on calls and select the call forwarding and select the options

Fourthly, now dial the forwarding number and turn on

USSD codes for Activate Jio call Forwarding

There are some USSD codes also available for Jio activated call forwarding. You can use these USSD codes and forward you all your calls to another number. Just note down these codes below.

  • *403*10 digit number
  • *401*10 digit number
  • *405*10 digit number
  • *409*10 digit number

Above mentioned codes are only used for activated call forwarding. Now I’m sharing Deactivated Codes for jio call activated. (Source Code)

USSD Codes for Deactivated Jio call Forwarding

Here mentioned some Codes for deactivating the Jio call forwarding system. Have a look below

  • *402 Deactivate the unconditional Jio call forwarding
  • *406 Deactivate the call forwarding when calling is busy
  • *404 When the call is not answering
  • *410 When a call is not reachable or switched off
  • *413 When all calls are forwarding

These codes are very important to remember when activating the call forwarding system.

Final Word

Here in this m trying to mention all the Jio call forwarding Activated Codes and Deactivated codes. Hopefully, this article will help you when you used this call forwarding system. Now bye, and thank you for visiting FvTc.iN. Jio Call Forwarding Active

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